Handyman Service

Our Handyman service is delivered by specialist teams, appropriately trained and certified to the tasks. We aim to deliver the same immediacy and personal attention to client requirements that might be expected of an old fashioned handy man but with modern professional staff who understand risk assessments and safety working both for the benefit of our and client staff.

Some clients maximise savings by using the Handyman service either to address tasks that have built up over time or to request the Handyman service to coincide when other, more major, service or maintenance tasks are scheduled.

Typical tasks may include:

Filter Cleaning

Door repairs/lock replacement,

Re- lamping

Joinery repairs

Minor building repairs

Plumbing repairs and sanitary ware replacement

Electrical repairs


These services can be supplemented by other tasks such as emergency light testing, or testing TMV's,  or can be linked to other services such as Pest Control.