About Us

Bry-Kol FM provide a full range of Facilities Management services to our clients from minor building repair and janitorial services to the service and maintenance of all mechanical and electrical installations, including specialist areas such as air conditioning, refrigeration, heating and boiler systems, ventilation systems, controls and equipment.

Bry-Kol FM work either as the main contractor responsible for all Facilities Management or as a specialist supplier, either direct with building owners/occupiers or via other FM companies.

Maintenance operations are organised and implemented as a flexible multi-trade approach ranging from one manned operation upwards to meet the client’s required service level, we can also carry out periodic scheduled maintenance activities at premises where a full time presence is not required.

Bry-Kol FM provide a range of FM services and offer advice to clients on all aspects of FM, from establishing maintenance schedules to operational cost reviews, energy audits, etc.

Service, the way customers want to be served.
Our business is reliant on providing the best customer service at all times, 24/7.  It is our belief that a personal touch and approachable management is essential to ensuring that the client’s requirements can be addressed without them feeling that their needs are overlooked in the need to drive profitabilty or cost efficiency. The needs of our Client’s are paramount in our approach to delivering a level of quality that we are proud of.
Professional staff
All Bry-Kol FM operatives are industry qualified to the highest standards allowing them to carry out their required duties in a professional and courteous manner, in compliance with all current industry legislation and to the high standards the company expects of its staff. Our engineers are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
The Bry-Kol Group are key partners with many leading product suppliers such as Mitsubishi, Toshiba and Daikin. Approval of Bry-Kol by these companies to undertake service and maintenance work is a clear statement of their confidence in the high standards we set.
Like many companies we operate an active environmental policy but at Bry-Kol FM we have made this a corner stone of how the business operates and a key aspect of how we ensure continued business success.

Our objective is therefore to ensure that we manage and operate our business with adequate thought and care for the future, ensuring that we will utilise sustainable resources, and avoid using products or providing services that may harm the environment or deplete limited resources. We see taking all reasonable steps to maintain and ensure that resources are available in the future as an important company responsibility and actively seek to work with our FM customers so that their properties and businesses also benefit from this approach.

Delivering for you...
With our unique combination of knowledge, experience, standards of service, professional staff and concern for the environment, Bry-Kol FM are the Facilities Management supplier of choice for many national names,  and have the capability to deliver comprehensive and reliable solutions whatever your FM needs.